Today, we’re preparing our Surplus Sale…

It’s always sad when one has to go through all the items that once were part of our livelihood and business.

We have been pretty badly hit by this crisis, as anyone else.

Fact is, I found stuff that we never used! Mostly, we had a bunch of brand NEW Phone sets, Networking tools, Routers and Modems. Most of the main batches are already gone, but I have found many items that are still in their boxes, brand new, that are leftovers from our “liquidation”.

So, I decided to offer them here so that someone that can have a use for such things has an opportunity to get them at a very good price.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to give anything for free 🙁 We have been pretty badly hit by this crisis, as anyone else. Everything helps, and I am hoping you can help us as well.

I will price every Item fairly according to its condition and it’s purchase price. Mostly, all Items will be priced at about half their original cost, or less. I believe this to be an opportunity 🙂

I will give 20% of the proceedings, to a public charitable cause

At any rate, if you buy anything, you will be helping us and it’s for a good cause, not only by helping us closing Serso: I will give 20% of the proceedings, after expenses, to a public charitable cause that is relevant in the context of this COVID19 crisis. Not much, for sure, but everything helps. I have not chosen such Cause yet, but I will announce it here and on our facebook page – where I will also start a Fundraiser as soon as circumstances permit.

We haven’t had a moment’s respite, yet. Although we are actually closed, the business of maintaining and supporting subscribers will still remain up until June 26, while the we still need to close the Company and clear everything that’s left by the end of the current Month – at least ideally, though I think that may be a little hard to achieve. We are quite busy, working from home and doing all we can.

To everyone that comes here and takes a look, my most sincere thanks. If you decide to purchase anything, we will mail it to you through Canada Post and no direct physical contact will ever take place. We will take special care to always wear proper protective gear when packaging and shipping it, as well.

The final prices that you need to pay will include applicable taxes, if any, and shipping fees and costs. PayPal will be used to process all secure online payments.

Stay safe, everyone. Stuff is always getting better 🙂


=Sergio de Sousa