The “Surplus” ;-)

So, the “surplus store” is almost done. Here’s the full “cart”, lol!

Yes, this is what is left over from closing a business that stayed up and running for over 25 years. One single cart, loaded with odds and ends, I say. Leftovers from some brighter days.

The store already has all products listed and priced, but we aren’t ready to publish it yet because we still need to figure out the whole logistics. I mean, this is all new to us, right?

I’m not saying that the model of selling online, shipping items anywhere in the world, is new, by all means. What I am saying is that now we need to account for factors such as the responsibility of keeping “social distance”, avoid contact if possible, ensure that everything we ship is actually free of any contact with possible infection. And still bring it to the post office, interact with an attendant and ensure it is properly shipped to buyers.

A new business model for logistics is needed and I don’t think any of us has yet figured it out 🙁 At least, not entirely. On my part, I can say that we’re using gloves, disinfecting everything (including every item), and packaging in conditions that we know to avoid any contact possible. Then, one person, still fully protected with appropriate gear, will bring the ready packages to the Post Office and will ship it to the buyer. After that, we can only hope all will be okay and all safety measures are respected and in place…

For now, we’re still at the stage where we are inputting prices and shipping costs, and we’re still using the “sandbox” mode on our payment gateway, so please do not try and buy anything yet! 😉

We predict the store will be ready very shortly, though. Perhaps tomorrow. I will announce it on social media and let’s see if anyone actually takes an interest.

Everything is related to having your online presence, working from home and so on

In fact, given the nature of the items we have for sale, I actually believe this will be popular. Everything is related to having your online presence, working from home and so on. All that you’d need for it. So, I think it makes sense to get these items since they are now tools that are needed to go on with this new lifestyle we will have to adapt to in the next months.

Alea jacta est 🙂

Cheers, everyone. Keep safe.

=Sergio de Sousa