My Story with Serso…

Well what can i say, is closing down, that sucks….

I know for my whole life about Serso, well i should because, it was created the same year i was born. My father never lets me forget about that.

I have a lot of memories about it, some good (and some less good), i remember when me and my parents were living in Sao Miguel, in that time, it was the first time i understood completely about it was when i was 5 or 6 years old. It was a sort of convention in the docks, there was geeks and developers presenting their works, gadgets and creations, hell i remember seeing a big neon cow as a mascot, not sure if i imagined it cause i was bored but still, a huuuuge neon cow….
And i saw this particular short, funny looking geek in a cream/brown suit presenting a booth to the Mayor of the City Berta Cabral, and guess what… it was my father LOL.
anyways he may have looked like a hobbit but one thing no one can deny, he was proud, passionate and confident at that moment showing his work.

Going home after that day made me realize he’s at the attic working on Serso, or playing and creating mods for Half Life ( asshole wouldn’t let me kill the scientists lol ) and promissing that me and him we are going to make a huge game, i fukken loved that idea!!!
It was some good times.

Over the years, i saw the company getting some close downs and some resurrections, it just wouldnt stay dead, it was incredible !!

2 years ago my father sends me an email saying for me to learn and work for Serso and i said “why not…”
2 years later here we are, writing a goodbye blog post.
Its a horrible year this 2020, and it was the year that finally put down, but dont worry 2020, Serso is like a Phonix:

it shall rise and surpass from the ashes of its predecessor.

and finally after that, we will CREATE OUR GAME!

from me and always…
Take Care

Signing off: Marcello Sousa