= Communiqué =

Toronto, March 22, 2020

Dear Friends and Clients of SerSo.com:

It’s been a long journey filled with lots of joyful moments, and some downfalls. SerSo.com has been in business since I created it back in 1994 and it’s had its ups and downs. 

We pioneered the ISP (Internet Service Provider) business model, infrastructure and internet systems software solutions and we created one of the very first Unlimited Dial-Up  services in Toronto. We helped invent that “wheel”, not just locally, but globally 😉 

We went on to provide consulting, software development, systems development, web design … and so on. We did it in many locations, we had business in Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Canada, USA, we even had operations, and an office, in Ponta Delgada, Azores. 

I am sad to say it is now time to fold up and let go. These last four years since 2016 have been challenging, albeit rewarding, but mainly they have been slow and difficult. There’s no way to put it but to acknowledge that despite all my efforts, along with the amazing dedicated Team that put forward our project, SerSo has now reached the point where it needs to peacefully fade away. As a business, SerSo.com has run its course and reached its final stage. This present COVID19 virus crisis is the “last straw”, as you may well have already guessed. 

As of March 31, 2020, SerSo.com will be closed for business, this time, for good.  SerSo will not come back from “limbo” or “hibernation”, as it did several times in the past twenty years or so (until now, I have never actually let go of SerSo.com as a business, I have kept it active since November 1994).

If you are a current customer, please contact our Support Services if you have any concerns about this development (use the usual email address). The public serso.com website(*) will remain active, with modified functionality and content, for an additional three months until June 30, 2020, when our upstream network link is disconnected. The website sections for FAQ and Information regarding this event will remain online for a minimum of another six months afterwards.

* ( the internet domain serso.com will remain active as a personal, family only space)

If you are a current Internet Services Subscriber for SerSo Internet’s Fibre, DSL, VoIP or other network services, we recommend you to take steps to transfer your service to a new provider BEFORE June 26, 2020, which is the date our upstream network will be permanently disconnected. Please contact our Support Services if you have questions, or refer to our FAQ page. 

It’s now time to close and give my thanks to everyone that participated in our projects. I have special thanks to give to the latest Team that made it through all the Project Phases that lead to our Pilot for Fibre and DSL Services. First, I need to absolutely emphasize the role of  Jean-Michel Dault, who made it possible for SerSo to come into existence back in 1996, when he came to Toronto with his Linux pc-tower box under his arm, with which he traveled for more than 8 hours on a bus from Sherbrooke (Quebec)! Without him, the experimental, cutting edge technology that started it all for us – and the rest of the world! – would have not existed. You did this, J-M 😉 Thank you!

In 1994 the first SerSo.com local Unlimited, DIal-Up Internet Service was launched in the Little Italy and Portuguese Village neighbourhoods of Toronto. In 2016, some twenty years later, we tried again to re-launch our ISP service with Fibre and DSL services. We went on to do all the work needed to come up with ideas, solutions, technologies, innovation that were needed to do this job. We launched our Pilot Program in August 2016. The extraordinarily amazing people who made up the Team that made it possible and achieved this, and who have my greatest, warmest, SPECIAL!, thanks – and of whom I am so proud of! – are (**) :


  • Mike Lewis
  • Brigith da Silva
  • Jose Paulino
  • Marcello de Sousa
  • Jean-Michel Dault
  • Angie Herrera
  • Brandon Ferrara
  • Cristiana Guterres
  • Pedro Marques
  • Jeffrey Turford


** (not at all listed in any order of relevance or importance!)

Godspeed Team! 🙂 We will meet and work together again. We will still create great things, together or as individuals – or as part of new teams and dreams. Everything we learned from our experience together is valuable and applicable in our future endeavours. Remember that, cherish that 😉

My wife, Christine Hildebrand, was invested in the whole project — not just as a person that happened to be married to me and thus had no choice ;). She literally funded the beginning of this project in 2016. And she pushed me forward, encouraged me, helped me and stayed with me all the way. And she put up with having the occasional (or, frequent…) traveler and interloper staying over in our guest room. Thank you, Christine, my amazing companion and partner forever, my dear Wife. Without you, we would not even have started it 🙂 

Farewell, everyone. Hope to see and work with you all, soon. Stay safe, stay healthy. Stuff is getting better all the time 🙂

Yours truly,

Sergio de Sousa

Executive Director (CEO) 

Serso Internet and Systems Development