Legacy Software Migrations and Code Maintenance

Capitalizing in more than twenty years of continuous experience and innovation while creating solid, successful solutions to migrate and maintain legacy software, applications and data.
We are ready to go January 1st.

We are opening for full business with the new model by January 1st, 2022

Our 2022 Goals

We rebranded, refreshed and have a new business model. Serso no longer is a Toronto LOCAL Internet Service Provider: after being in business since 1994, Serso Internet closed operations as of June 2020. External factors related to the global COVID-19 pandemic emergency are at the core of the reasons why we decided to move on, but that factor alone was not the only one. In fact, unfair competition practices from larger telcos have forced smaller, local internet business like ours to close doors. The pandemic only accelerated the process, and, although later on the authorities made some efforts to improve the situation, it was not viable for Serso to stay in the ISP business for long enough to benefit from said changes. So, we regrouped and took the time to prepare for new challenges. We are now Serso Technology solutions, still in Toronto (Canada), and here are our guidelines for the future:

  • New Business Model: new offers, specialized, global; provide modern services to clients that depend in legacy applications
  • Research & Development: continuous innovation and improvement, streamlining the best approaches and solutions, creating and expanding on knowledge, experience and successes
  • New focus:  we are specialists in legacy Data and Code migrations and legacy applications code maintenance and support
  • Project Management: founded in strong, current methodologies, we come with the guarantee of keeping everything on track, on time and within quote and estimate values
  • New Image: New Logo, Colours, Style and presentation; we are the same experienced professionals, with a new vision
  • Flexible, Fast, Precise: adapting to the most varied needs, we apply our technologies and skills to achieve the most accurate and reliable results - large or smaller projects alike
Questions? Ask us

Are you interested in updating, modernizing or migrating your legacy systems and data? Do you need help and technical support for a code base that's no longer supported by their creators? Ask us, we may have the right solution for you, without compromising the safe flow of your business - all within your budget.

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Get the latest news and keep up to date with our progress in research and development for new techniques, processes and technologies to aide the successful migration and modernization of legacy systems. This is where we will publish all the news regarding our reopening, as well. 

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